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  1. Frozen Pepper

    2;48 IS MY FAVORITE!

  2. Dantin Morgan

    Why is Javale McGee always failing???

  3. Mjay

    2:05 the ref did a flop. lol jk

  4. Nick Watts

    1:05 xD

  5. Sammy Stunna

    Proof Lamar Odom’s a crack head LMFAO

  6. We Are Rip City


  7. chaoticsaur22345

    why do the rockets have so many clips I didn’t remember watching all those
    and I saw every game.

  8. Chris Scratch

    song pls

  9. Sonata Arctica Kenichi

    Letroll James is the best hahaha 1:06 i rofled so hard

  10. Kazmain Shah

    LOL chris bosh should get a new name the hamster

  11. Facu Guerreiro

    jajajaja yo tambien vengo de memedeportes que todos los que vengan de alli
    lo digan

  12. Vojislav Stajic

    bow wow is better.

  13. William Cooper


  14. Ky Bzeezy

    he said lakers insted of clippers nube no offence

  15. Xxjavi23javixX

    jajajaja que bueno odom diciendo que juega en los lakers!!!

  16. Xxjavi23javixX

    jajajaja no,sorry xD

  17. VezzaGio28

    Like si vienes de Memedeportes :D

  18. Álvaro Fernández Álvarez


  19. Dj Shivers

    1:04 xDDDDDDDDDD

  20. abdullah8283


  21. ashleyriot19cm

    not enough javale mcgee…

  22. alan thach

    yo can u teach me spanish

  23. Cristian Raña

    Basketball, by Kurtis Blow

  24. O Klay

    just amazing!

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  26. Ishtehak Ahmed

    What’s the song 14:43

  27. Paul Conopio

    No the song is all of the lights

  28. Sport Analisis

    Recién finalizada la temporada en la NBA recordamos los momentos más
    graciosos del año. #NBA

  29. Ishtehak Ahmed

    What’s the the song 14:43

  30. Matt Spaulding

    He totally travel bruh, at that one play (insert obnoxious time stamp) he
    traveled. I’m a white guy with a keyboard and so I know what traveling is.

  31. 廖委晟

    WHAT THE 8:45~9:20 THE SONG NAME??

  32. Pashaaw

    Amazing last shot 

  33. SynqSniping

    12:47 lebron travels just watch

  34. Guillermo Gonzalez

    Not Kobe at all????? vales verga homie…

  35. Char L

    Bro that damn violin is going hard on the track haha

  36. Cedric Banares

    That Chandler Parsons shot so awesome

  37. JutsuStealer91

    there was literally no arch on the last shot

  38. swaggypete nick

    arnt in there

  39. Gilber Garcia

    Where’s derozen game winning buzzer beater against magics and monte ellis
    game winning against rockets !

  40. swaggypete nick

    must be a raptors fan since the kobe comeback and the kyrie irving buzzer

  41. Karolyto v

    Last shot wtf :D

  42. Marvin Demosthenes

    These were some amazing shots

  43. TheKiddJr

    His foot didn’t leave the ground, look at his right foot, only the defender
    got faked and jumped + the cameraman got faked and moved up

  44. MrRinooooo

    His right foot was on the ground retard.

  45. Adrian Harralson

    Must be a Laker Hater to not put Kobe finishing the Raptors

  46. TheRebeson46

    The NBA gets 3 steps you tard

  47. RadioLoad

    8:45 up and down

  48. XxJameZFelixX4

    On the 1st one Eric Gordon took 3 steps. Travel maybe?

  49. nbaworthy


  50. AKkURTI

    You don’t need to post the same comment twice.

  51. CaptainProdigy


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  53. Frank Doyle

    With the NBA regular season just around the corner, check out the top 10
    plays from preseason.

  54. Candice Lanier

    Top 10 Plays of the 2014 NBA Preseason

  55. Terrell Jackson

    lebron and dwayne my gosh nice play on fastbreak 

  56. Jose Polanco

    “Oooooo Killem” 2:35 lol

  57. Manuel Smiley

    I fucking love basketball <3

  58. Commentary Box Sports

    With the NBA starting tomorrow, we thought you might want to see the Top 10
    Plays of the 2014 NBA Preseason – #NBA #top10

  59. Sean Leston

    Lol Chris Paul at 1:30: “That went in?..”

  60. oJingled

    Announcer says ooh kill em D Rose LOL

  61. Nilly3001
  62. Shin Kau


  63. Yan N


  64. Aurelio Urbina


  65. Omar B

    Where was the crossover? Siva was stuck om Rose the whole way…#RidinDrose

  66. CTshadows

    Ohhh kill em Rose. Lmao

  67. TJHApperall

    Cool commercial

  68. TJHApperall

    Good vid

  69. 3eileensim

    1:29 Chris Paul says “did that go in?”

  70. Nataya Bailey

    Top 10 Plays of the 2014 NBA Preseason

  71. TheKiddJr

    he didn’t really get crossed, but the raptors shot was the sickest

  72. David Buckalew

    Did Rose REALLY cross him?

  73. Chase Jeffrey

    this is not gonna give you a virus I promise. These are just funny vids
    about ppl saying how stupid society is when they make fads like swag, yolo
    and twerk.

  74. Jbone10baseball

    #9 I was at the game

  75. TBONE Inc.

    wtf why is the heat one first the josh smith one or ross one is much better

  76. yungmatt009

    3:06 A.I is so smart. He thought a step ahead, where the defender thought
    he would drive inside the lane, but he took the opposite direction knowing
    he’d anticipate. So smart.

  77. Robert Glynn

    Where’s Olajuwon’s post moves?

  78. Antonio Navarro


  79. Kyle jeboss

    I miss the old d will ;(

  80. Manuel Mora


  81. scootigger

    he didn’t double-dribble.

  82. shehan landewela

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  83. Prinze Garcia

    Where’s Rondo’s behind the back fake?

  84. David Le

    Woah did Nash double dribble or did the ball not touch the tip of his
    finger lol.

  85. Jeff Sim

    apparently there has never been a good post move according to this vid

  86. James Laquindanum

    AI and Timmy are da best

  87. mapie balog


  88. lFallenOnel

    Nooo, Jordan u got crossed df out

  89. Ian Jeremy

    best brawler

  90. joey daye

    thats the song from nba street volume 2!!!!!! my first game i ever played

  91. Derek Duncan

    4:37 CP3’s like “No way I just did that!”

  92. Willy Whopperjammer

    I love how somebody can just say that was a great video. its almost like he
    just made a bunch of you tubes just to likes his own comments!

  93. Casey Nardone

    This video should’ve just been called “NBA players getting their anlkle’s

  94. leonardo misir

    HD ** :)

  95. Afrojoebro

    Song is “Get up” by Nate Dogg You’re welcome.

  96. Radu Stefan

    snipers in the building

  97. Unanimious

    Iverson is the best

  98. Alexis Himonidis

    A.I king of crossover

  99. LightOf- Islam

    there’s a difference between “basketball crossovers” and “basketgball
    moves”, ’cause those were more like best basket ball crossovers but great
    video though

  100. rbig631


  101. NBALakersNation

    can’t believe people are saying gay shit about the title.. just watch the
    fucking video and grow up you 12 year olds.

  102. HaIIoweenNight1978


  103. rohannesburg

    Major athleticism 

  104. Vaka

    well Millsap had a great time with a Oladicko up his face xD

  105. PaullHutchh

    Instead of “Facial on” put “Dunk on” or “Slam on” or even “Throw down on.” 

  106. louigel017

    These are pretty good commentators, not being biased and credits that
    amazing dunk by Oladipo even if it’s against their own team

  107. LaMar Carson


  108. MVious09


  109. Forenzix9


  110. Kyle williams

    Oladunk! Get my rookie Oladipo in this years dunk contest for sure.

  111. Osagie Oaiya


  112. PeterOnTheInterwebs

    Rookie of the Year runner up behind MCW.

  113. Son of zyzz 95

    im waiting for dion williams to come to this video and comment ”lebrons
    breakfast eating skill and d wades Gatorade drinking skill tho>>>” he is
    the biggest miami bandwagon fan in the world, talks about them like he
    knows them lol when he is actually a broke piece of shit living in the
    ghetto surviving off of welfare haha he would comment about the way d wade
    puts his shoes on and would say ”he tied them so fAST DOE!! d wades back
    he is faster than ever!” hahaha he also tried talking shit about andrew
    wiggins, which is pretty funny cause wiggins is about to be making

  114. Andy Lam

    Holy crap look at all those empty seats.

  115. bob thebuilder

    I hate it when people say the title is like pornographic sounding or w.e
    but this time lol I agree with them! I can’t believe that would ever happen
    but it’s sooo true lol

  116. DZdotcom

    Look at that guy near the end of the hawk’s bench. Their own team is down
    by18 and he stands up when the opposing player dunks on his teammates

  117. tweetlova

    This dude’s future in the NBA… smh

  118. Will Lee

    nice dunk, not and 1

  119. Nick Guasp

    Damn.. That’s all I can say is Damn.. Oladipo is looking great 

  120. Greg Allen

    -That’s a BIG BOY dunk!

  121. Yurboiisilly2

    Oozing Athleticism 

  122. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  123. XperimentG


  124. Allen Real


  125. Champz146

    Oladipo cums hard to the hole and delivers a facial on Millsap and Horford

  126. Dajhon Taylor

    This little dude will take it right to the bucket crossing them up like its
    business as usual…don’t sleep on him. His shots are money and he got
    about a million assist!!

  127. enoch abiff

    This baby boy is phenomenal. I enjoyed watching his highlights and hope he
    continues to get better and better. Will enjoy seeing him perform in
    college and perhaps the NBA. 

  128. Nick Henao

    The Dream Team right there.. Smacking all the teams loll

  129. Dee Davis

    does this make me part of your goup? “Davis”

  130. t wedge

    Huey Freeman is a decent baller haha

  131. 374Badboy

    those little dude can actually ball lmao

  132. Deep P

    Cookie Monster!

  133. sam smyth

    Make sure he works on his left hand. If he was just as good with his left
    hand he would be looking at a great future. Run some left hand layups and
    dribbling drills using left hand this would help him improve alot. 

  134. Alex cantu

    His better than me and i’m 14 v.v lol

  135. Trey Foote


  136. jacksontevin

    what does this kid average though thats what I want to know

  137. John Watson

    court vision

  138. Joe Skywalker

    omg this kid is good

  139. Marcell Taylor

    I was doing this when I was 7

  140. mark oh

    Eric he is a kid. Can you say future NBA point guard? 

  141. mightykeatonspec

    you know he’s smart because he uses the backboard 

  142. eric hughes

    I am way better

  143. B1G_Champ53

    path to greatness

  144. Ethan Hall

    the song just makes it even more rediculous

  145. Crysis Gaming

    this video must have been taking a long time ago

  146. Natoya Hill

    they undefeated wit him

  147. muham8

    I was waiting for him to throw an alley-oop to #2 or #17 haha

  148. Jeffrey Lochner

    He is younger(and shorter) than me and he plays better than me!

  149. levi yeates

    what is da song called

  150. Warfa Mohamed

    He’s actually 13

  151. Ryan Heiny

    8:27 james harden was like “that’s a pass”!

  152. Felipe Estrella

    Who gives a Fuck about baseball haha

  153. George Vega

    You bet 20% only do? Look at James or Wade. Look at Wade’s jaw and tell me
    what’s going on. I respect team USA i think they’re the greatest but when
    it comes to the Olympics,everytime the commitee checks them for illegal
    substances they threaten them by not participating. Just saying.

  154. Leo Chen

    russel westbrook BRICK wide open dunk lol

  155. Leo Chen

    lebron bricked that layup :P

  156. SNOOPDOGG809

    hahhaa what happened in baseball? we spanked that ass and ended on top u
    lil bitch

  157. Talhen Levy

    game sliders lol

  158. kre8z

    Davis shooting 3’s?

  159. Aaliyah Hunter

    they was playing wit them niggas

  160. Billy Ray


  161. asbell piña Peña

    i am dominican negro

  162. Carlos0220

    Well .. the US couldn’t beat DR on Baseball .. just saying ..

  163. Discobox360

    James hardens euro step …. nough said

  164. carlos andres

    FUCK USA!!!

  165. RoyalBeast17

    holy shit Durant relax with the 3s

  166. shutterbugblues

    I was at this game! I remember clear as day when Westbrook missed that dunk
    at 6:34 haha.

  167. Evan Balang

    DOM is cheating the score of USA but USA still won :3

  168. Roger Barber

    I love USA basketball, but I want to see more teams like Spain and
    Argentina coming around to challenge them. It was alot of fun watching USA
    vs Spain in 08 have to mesh as a unit to win the gold. I hope to see that
    kind of play in the future.

  169. Lawrence Hunt


  170. Lordels Samuel

    I’m subscribing to this guy page keep up the good work I’ll stay posted
    with the game thx to u

  171. Geraldo Mogock Ene

    No salia el juego, debemos de mejorar mucho en esa area.

  172. Justin Liu

    i like the part at 9:47

  173. Kelvin Chau

    4:44 kobe double clutch sexiness

  174. Thad Castle

    i know at least you understand

  175. Vinluis Pallingayan

    go durant

  176. ageniusx187

    nba still dickriding lebron!

  177. GoggleMan25

    i was waiting for “and that was your NBA.Coooooooooommmtop10″ : (

  178. Andrew Bae

    This announcer ruined it. There is too much silence, and he only states the

  179. Quantum_tunneling

    This guy Paul George is playing out of his mind.

  180. SiLenT366

    Ho hum LeBron dunk makes it high on the top ten yet again.

  181. LorisMasta17

    did anybody notice george’s windmill looked exactly the same as the one
    from 2011 in his top 10 career plays?

  182. Kaho House

    Jeremy Lin forces TO, outruns Prince to retrieve the ball, And1… only
    number 9?

  183. ad soyad

    whatta hell number 7! shit!

  184. Michael Scott

    D Wade is back.

  185. Leo D

    Paul George traveled 

  186. yabur

    wtf?????? No Morris poster on Birdman???? a jerimy lynn normal lay-up and
    not a monster dunk on a big and defensive player?come on, it ain’t

  187. gaz0044

    Go Pacers

  188. OmegaTheGOD

    Is anyone a TRUE loyal fan anymore? I guess bandwagoning is the new fad
    like wanna be crips and bloods who don’t even live in California…oh the
    world we live in…

  189. ARSINAL05


  190. Daves8

    Best top 10 in a long time :O 

  191. XxJameZFelixX4

    I’m pretty sure when ever a Pacers’ player hits a 3 or does a awsome
    dunk..The fans just clap like there at a tennis match…

  192. Alberto Losa

    Wade dunk > LeBron dunk.

  193. Kyle Huang

    Hey guys, this is bothering me. So according to the nba rulebook (which can
    be bought up via google), it states,
    c. In starting a dribble after (1) receiving the ball while standing still,
    or (2) coming to a legal stop, the ball must be out of the player’s hand
    before the pivot foot is raised off the floor.
    (page 37)
    and in the top 10th play, at the beginning when lillard got the ball, had
    his left leg as pivot, he clearly rasied it and then had the ball out of
    his hands. wouldn’t it be considered a travel?

  194. Greg Buckingham

    Number 3 was better than number 2, and number 1 was a travel

  195. JustEraseTheSystem

    my poor Bulls the fact that we lost to the Jazz smh 

  196. Nikolaj Grünig

    Best top 10 so far this season, especially because Wade’s knees seem to be
    good again…although the commentating could have been better.

  197. Arvind Muralidharan

    Play number 2 is a violation. Chris Bosh doesn’t step out of bounds before
    inbounding the ball. 

  198. jack arnerich

    Number 2 bosh wasn’t out of bounds 

  199. Eleazar_G

    2 & 3??? Wtf?? Thats worth 8 & 7 on the list !!!!

  200. MrOfficialJZ

    I dont fucking see a fucking reason why LBJ’s dunk should be at #2.. It’s
    just a regular dunk and nobody is around him.. NOTHING SPECIAL!

  201. lujavana

    forgotten? not by a long shot

  202. Jason Thompson

    Great video!

  203. liketube3

    He inspired me to play basketball.

  204. xChocoDaGreat

    Greatest of all time! I dont even understand the rules of basketball as im
    from The Netherlands. But goddamn nobody beats MJ! Legend

  205. Kumedorm1

    @minh cobain yes all of them are skinny….. Except for BARKLEY LOL

  206. zwalm17

    Everybody back then looked thinner lol. A combination of guys trying to be
    beefy and muscular along with half the planet being poor and only being
    able to afford McDonalds means not many thins people left.

  207. Misha vdw


  208. Vegeta San

    @ 2:03 his head is way above the rim

  209. CatsPVP

    Its cause of the short shorts

  210. tehlolzfactor

    The amount of types Jordan has fucked Elo, just priceless.

  211. dbruin85

    It’s funny how the NBA uses commentary from other games to make certain
    highlights seem more exciting, as if the original commentating wasn’t
    exciting enough.

  212. Lost thread Bartholomew

    that’s intentional, because it will cause an explosion if they did a
    perfect high five LOL

  213. Shafianloova


  214. heatwin4

    every body looked thinner back then.

  215. magiclarrywilt

    Kobe doesn’t do these sort of moves he doesn’t have the hands i have seen
    Kevin Durant do some of these

  216. MrBrainiac25

    At 1:35, does anyone know why MJ claps as soon as he releases the ball?
    I’ve seen him do it on multiple highlight vids but always wondered why he
    did it. Does it help him make the basket?

  217. woody woodward

    “how on earth did he do that” Because Michael Jordan does what Michael
    Jordan does, because he is Michael Jordan

  218. Ruuuuuule

    More than 1 white player per team? Last time that happened Divac and
    Stojakovic played for Sacramento Kings.

  219. xiangxi ong

    who else realized that kobe had did most of jordan’s moves on this video
    but jordan did them more beautifully

  220. Ed Wilks

    Genius In high-tops

  221. Harold

    dat hangtime

  222. odale158

    Wow so that’s where Rose got it from.

  223. rupak badal

    nice. play of micle Jordan

  224. Robert Lee

    #NBA #MJ


    Remembering Michael Jordan offers an ultimate basketball resource covering major
    leagues as well as lower divisions for most of popular basketball countries.

  226. 1234567890qw1000

    I was just thinking the nets got one of the best teams in the NBA and they
    have more losses then wins there 3-10 it’s cause jason kidd isn’t couch
    material next season he’s going to get fired and jay-z doesn’t even prob
    wanna watch them cause he was at an okc game and he’s always at the nets
    games every time they play and the heat are doing bad too

  227. TheFilipinoBoxer

    obviously everyone knows about lebrons game winner but just doesn’t want to
    acknowledge it because of the fact they don’t like the guy. LeBron took a
    shot with less than 24 seconds left in the game did he not?

  228. Tyler Hish

    NBA.cahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm tahpten

  229. Hironori Narushima

    0:36 this is answer of why Spurs win rate is so high.

  230. rydecota

    Wades dunk shouldnt have been on here. Weak stuff

  231. Maher Kadri

    So wade’s dunk is better than hill’s dunk? The guy behind this video needs
    to be shot in the eye

  232. Jacopo Stagira

    #Block #NBA 

  233. x310x310x

    Lebron’s game winner???

  234. FiyahMuzik

    Where are all the so-called basketball fans to get mad about LeBron’s game
    winner not making the top 10? Oh yeah, they hate the Heat and only have a
    problem when he’s ON the countdown


    Stop hating on lebron people plz he’s a two 2time champ and he won 4 mvps
    in 5 years I mean why hate him so much?? he’s the most popular player after
    all according to EPSN. 

  236. MrBeastlyC


  237. Matthew Galati

    Lebron is not a bad player but is scared of the ball. Look at him playing
    carefully and you will see what I am talking about. My buddy went to high
    school with him at GB tech before he transferred. My buddy said that he was
    allways better at playing soccer (he played on the team with him in high
    school) but Lebron stoped playing because he was allways scared of getting
    hit with the ball. He has not gotten over that today if you watch him play
    carefully he you see that even though he tries to hide that. My buddy made
    a good point when he told me that with Lebron it is the same old story–he
    will be second place until he can ignore the ball and play the game.

  238. Ley Tse

    lol m&m

  239. alfonso bradshaw


  240. intoadaze

    Lebron traveled!

  241. Ashton Lawson

    paul millsap doe

  242. chelsealampard9

    that beat is cold tho whats it called?

  243. Carlos J

    Manu’s pass was class! Sweet! 

  244. Michael Maddox

    I’m not going to lie on the kevin love play he did travel. The nba doesn’t
    call travels like they should but than again, most of the dunks they do;
    they travel. If they called travel on all the dunks they would lose fans,
    which would lose money and than people would stop watching the games. Its
    all business like. My stepdads friend knows a former nba ref and that they
    were told to go easy on the travels.

  245. Cp35476

    I have one thing to say. Dont jump young blood!

  246. Julio Traviesito


  247. idevicehelp8

    Really Guys, can we not go one Top 10 video without complaining about
    lebron, even though his gae winner was sickk, i see why they didn’t put it
    in this video.
    So stop complaining and quietly watch the video.
    We already know that he’s amazing so why complain…

  248. LakersAllDayyyKB24

    Damn demarcus cousins missed the shot to win the game..but honestly the
    clippers are a overrated team and will never make the finals idk why they
    play dudley he sucks they should play Jamison instead. And i thought doc
    rivers was a good coach but nah it waa just pierce and Garnett who made him
    look good

  249. bob jason

    #2 was better than #1…

  250. Alex Stachura

    damn alot of good dunks

  251. Mariode Jordan

    I like the game

  252. 朱真 青野


  253. miranda santos

    it was a good play but id lile if there was one angolan player

  254. XxsmettoxX

    chur kas

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  257. ceasu allen

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  258. xXCruJRAWXx

    is it just me or during the all star game does it get quiet and mysterious
    some times

  259. Bastien Julliot


  260. thananm88


  261. Maciej Gramuliński

    1:41:21 – that’s what brought you here ;)

  262. CompleteBeat45

    but only 15 spots on the team and only 12 are surely gonna play and
    sometimes all twelve dont get to play depending on the circumstances of the
    game being played………if you dont make it you dont suck youre just not
    as good right now cause its plenty players who cant even make the d-league

  263. Lamar Lawernce
  264. Cosmo Timmy
  265. Ole S. Strand
  266. Arthur Ward

    D-league is terrible.

  267. Barok Obsi

    wit is this fake

  268. Paroles2Rap

    “2012-02-16″ Fail !

  269. marlo moises

    pano mag dowload ng nba all star ???????????????

  270. Jeff Esquer


  271. mark castillo

    Choppy sound

  272. tsop1992

    my god those english i mean their style is a bit similar

  273. yatta55555

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